Should I be proud of the country we created for Muslims? The one my grandfather left 35 villages, many palaces and beautiful farms for? The one we sacrificed so much for? The country which came to be after the biggest exodus in the history of the world? Did we not make a promise to keep it clean and pure? Have we?
Two totally innocent boys are killed by a mob for no reason. Poverty is still so much when leaders are billionaires. Shameless display of fears is a way of life. Cheating, looting and killing within the nation.

Four Provinces.. all divided in the name of language and culture. Hatred all over.

More than all this.. defiance of God..
A country with all resources , amazing people, 6000 nuclear scientists, universities, thinkers and the biggest salt mine in the world always living on aid!
Wake up Pakistan!
Choose the right leaders, the system you swore to live by and make Pakistan pure before its too late!

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