Muslims: Divided we stand, United we fall

We are a people spread across africa, middle east, south asia and many other regions. We, muslims.
We are also very divided. Forget the different nationalities, we are divided in the same country!

What divides us? Belief divides us.
You will ask: how does belief divide you , you are people of the same faith?
Reply: No! We are people of the same religion but different faiths and beliefs!
Some of us worship a political leader or money or land or even themselves. Some of us fear poverty and so they lie. Some of us worship graves. Some of us worship the stars or a stone. Many of us simply don’t care about God. Some of us hate being what they are. We, you see, have different beliefs. Submission to God was a state of being with a code of life, which all those that submitted to God followed. Now,”Muslim” is just a description, a label which people of many different faiths, views and beliefs have either adopted or are born into.
In fact, the division is so severe that even people of the same nationality, race and even family are divided.
So, you see sir, we muslims are totally divided. And so, divided we have stood and united we are falling…
Only the God of the heavens and earth can unite us once again. To me litttttal human mind, it looks like an impossibility. But, who knows… Eh?

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