Lease a car: Help

I read an advertisement by a car dealer which said: No letters, No papers, No down payment .. just ID copy !

I need to get 3 cars. On lease. So, I went to the dealer. In my mind, I was thinking that I will go,  give my ID, order 3 cars and then wait for a few days.. AND.. go collect them .. AND.. then pay an amount each month and we are ALL SET!

But, I walked in, sat down and the sales guy started talking.

If you own a Private Company : You need to pay a Down Payment

If you are an expatriate: You cannot have more than two cars

If you own  ( or work in) a  ” Shiraka” .. partnership: You can take two  cars without down payment..


Then, why did your company advertise differently??? Why did you not write all this in your advertisement? It would have saved me so much trouble!.. He had no idea about that ad.

Question: What difference does it make bud? I have an ID, proof of Income.. YOU are giving cars on monthly payment.. I cannot leave the country without paying you .. YOU can take away the car if I don’t pay you. INSURANCE covers damages ( I am paying for that).. then WHY THE HELL are you wasting my time and a VERY GOOD CLIENT on ridiculous paperwork nonsense? I mean is my ID not enough.. with all that e-government, fingerprinting etc…??

Of course , I did not say the above to the ”  I just broke my fast some hours ago, I am smoking and sleepy – DO NO MESS WITH MY MIND” Sales person. But, I wish some dude that works in one of these companies READS this post and helps me out here.

Get this, one guy told me that all that “type” of company stuff is nonsense. Talk to the right guy and you get the right deal!.. ah well…sigh..

And, my understanding is that this is ” RENTED TO BE OWNED” deal. I am having doubts about that now too.


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