Networks and Electronic Services

Network Issues.. DSL stops suddenly.. Line gets disconnected.. a sudden BEEP and you see ” network congestion”.. AND, online banking STUCK.. why does this happen from the first day of Ramadan. Also, when you call your bank, you get a never-ending message saying “all operators are busy with clients”.. NO they are not. Most of them are NOT there sir!

Ok, bank transactions done over the phone or online are electronic right? Then why does a bank transfer done on Saturday happen in seconds and the one done on Thursday happen on Saturday morning? I made a transfer on thursday , called the recipient and said ” go to the ATM in 5 mins and get cash”.. he called an hour later saying he tried every ATM. No cash received. I went online , checked the transfer – done. BUT, date .. saturday. Why? What an embarrassment! Then, I called the customer service. They were all busy with other clients as valuable as me.. ehhhaaa!

What is human, can take leave. What is electronic should be consistent 24/7 and if it needs maintenance, inform us some days earlier, won’t you pleaaaaaassssseee?

Going back to the congested network: Ramadan. People flying in from all over the world for UMRA. People making more calls than usual. People spending more. People people people.. I understand. But didn’t we predict this last year? And, if we did, why are we never prepared for traffic? Do we lack resources and funds? No. We make billions every month. We do..:D

So.. my request: upgrade services .. traffic WILL increase. Be prepared. If not international travellers, then just go get the birth rate in KSA.. it will help you to plan.

PS: I really don’t know how to unsubscribe from the football scores from around the world sms messages. I tried everything. I get 20 messages daily. I also complained and the guy promised me that I will no longer be tortured. From that day onwards, I get even more. Shall I make a special prayer for this??

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