Everything we do in life does something either good or bad for us. Naturally, everyone wants to do something that will do them good. But, who is to define what that good is?

Thousands of people invested millions in Shares and lost all that they had. From the money that they lost, they lost money they had to give some poor people who depended on them. From the money they lost, they lost a lot of money they could have used to do a lot of good.

Since humans are given FREE WILL to do as they please what they have acquired or earned, no one questions what they do with their money. Only they themselves know what they can do with it and what they are doing with it. But, very few, unfortunately, know what a good investment is.  Muslims have been given guidelines and indications as to how they can maximize their money and double it and get rich and stay rich. However, there is strong prerequisite. Belief and reliance on the UNSEEN. In fact, the Quran begins with the statement that this Book has been revealed for those that BELIEVE in the UNSEEN. Lets be honest, how many of us really do BELIEVE in the UNSEEN? We  acknowledge that it exists, most of us do – but, we do not BELIEVE in it. Believing in something is living in it. And, that , today, is hard to come by.

We come from the Unseen and return to the Unseen. That is a fact of life. So , why don’t we submit and rely on the Unseen too?  Once we do that, the rules of life change. For the better, of course.

The following story is mine. And, I can only tell you my own stories because I can verify them. What I have experienced is what I can tell you..

I started my business with 50 riyals! How?

I was broke. My family was broke. No one had much. A few riyals here and there. This was , of course, not the condition always. Because of certain major losses and our own stupidities , we had lost a lot. And here we were, STUCK.

One day, I went to the shop near by to buy something. I had about a 100 riyals. When I left the shop, I had 50. As I stepped out, a car came in front of me. In this car, sat a Saudi man with his family. Seemed as if they had traveled, because there was a lot dust on this ” new” car. He opened the window and said that they have come from the east and are heading to Medina and that they need help. All their money is finished.  I told him I had only 50 riyals. That he could have it ( I was too pissed to worry about saving 50 riyals).. He said, no that would not be enough. I told him FINE, he could come to the shop and buy all that he wanted at my account and take the 50 too. He did. He took the 50 and bought stuff for 200. Great. He thanked me and left.

I walked to my house and on the way, I looked up at the sky and said ” I could say I believe in you and mean it too, but would it mean anything if I did not ACT accordingly? I did. Now, you ACT”.. I said this as I walked. Got home. Slept.

The next day , someone called me for a consultation about setting up a business in UK. I said, I charge 5000. They paid me. I advised, gave them a plan and they went away happy. I had 5000. I then started giving at least 10% of my earnings to people who needed it. To people who would ask for help. And, the return kept coming and coming.  I did not stop paying and business started growing. I cannot say at any point in my life that I have ” REACHED” that place of being WEALTHY… because I really don’t know what that is. I just know that this is an ongoing process. And, I hope it does not end with my time here. Hopefully, my son will carry it on one day, INSHALLAH.

Point of this story?

I know many people have hundreds of thousands saved up. Invested in various deals and shares and God knows what. My message to them: You live in fear, loss and disease and you have money. That is not life. Live grand, spend and CIRCULATE your money by GIVING without fear and you will live HAPPY.  If the result of having money is not HAPPINESS in you and in people around you and if there is a SINGLE person out there that does not smile when you walk in, then what is the use of this money?

Invest in people around you. Invest in lives not institutions. Do not send your money to the other end of earth , give it to that neighbor who needs it RIGHT here. Give it to that worker who has too many loans. Give it to people RIGHT HERE in RIYADH. In your neighborhood. In your surroundings. Because , when you do this, you get claim over where you are. Regardless of policy and people, THERE IS A GOD, an UNSEEN POWER that TRULY appreciates what you did and do and compensates you for it in so many ways. The GIVER, never loses or gets STUCK again.. So Invest , invest.. and invest before all these days and nights pass and years pass and then you are taken to another world where the ONLY thing that makes you richer than the rest is your GOOD work here…

Keep smiling this Ramadan people…

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