Consciously working on the maintenance of oneself on 3 different levels. The Mental, Physical and Spiritual. That is fasting. It is not just “not eating or drinking”.. it is much more.

Whenever I have fasted, I have felt better, stronger and more positive at the end of the day. I have felt my self being cleaner internally and stronger mentally. I have felt more enlightened and my stress levels have gone down to a point of not existing at all. Is that not good? I think that is great. I think fasting keeps humans healthy, young and strong.

In fact, I do believe that to cure the body of anything, fasting is the solution. It gives us the courage to do a lot more mentally and develop ourselves physically. Even people who do it as a “ritual” , meaning no spirituality involved ( meaning doing it not to look bad).. benefit from it.

May Allah accept our fasting and prayers this month.. Ameen.

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