Women in KSA

I have been reading a lot of blogs by women in Saudi Arabia today. All types and kinds. No matter what they write on their blogs, I consider it a positive thing to express views, stories and perceptions in writing in front of the world. It is also every human being’s right.
What is very obvious in all these blogs is that these women, and I am sure ALL women, are enraged, hurt and angry. Why?

All of them blame Arabs, Muslims and some things in Islam for their situations and disgust.
Prophet Muhammad Pbuh advised us that the best amongst us is the one who keeps his wife happy.
Now happiness can only be genuine when we don’t assume someone is happy but see it in them.
All of these women are either from here, married to someone from here, visiting, working here or are living here with their expatriate husbands. And, they are unhappy.
Let’s say 10% ( very high) are “agents” out to change the system or cause chaos. Let’s assume they are “evil”. What about the rest? Surely, all women cannot be evil.

Here is the problem:
We have twisted, misinterpreted and abused religion to control masses and created weird societies that frustrate both men and women living in them. We have acted against nature and we have been very unfair! And, what pisses everyone off even more is that we insist that we are right. Obviously, we are not.

Let me predict the end of this drama. Thoughts become words and words generate feelings and urges that cause actions. When enough people want to act in a certain way, society changes. I am saying this as politely as I can.

We need to evaluate ourselves if there is so much complaining. We do have the Criteria , the Holy Book. Why not apply it and work with beliefs instead of females driving and covering of face!

Universal law of cause and effect dictates that if you are right , honest and fair – you WILL generate and cause happiness and not resentment!
Shall we work on this or shall we wait for destruction?

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