Ramadan! 11th of August.
The air definitely changes. The feeling changes. More peaceful than the rest of the year. Quiet afternoons and eventful days. I say eventful for a reason.
I had the terrible experience of a meeting at 10 am last Ramadan. I had to pick up someone and then go and meet the director of a department at a bank. It was an event!
The driving : either too slow or too fast. The people: either too nice or “who the heck are you?”. The sun: step out sir and let me roast you. Me: why am I doing this? My friend: did not know what to say. The meeting: pathetic, useless and a waste. No one had anything good to say or offer.

Its not the food. Its the coffee, the smokes and water the men of this city can’t be without. Food comes later.
Then comes 12 pm, and then 1. Midday prayer done. The brain starts to become decent. Everyone to sleep. The call for Asr prayer and minds say: ok buddy, you can pull this. Watch TV. Find something that will mesmerize you. Be lost until sunset. But that does not happen! The smell of food. The many smells of cooking, frying and baking. The sounds of mixing and pouring. Some guys walk around like maniacs and some just sit there like statues. Many just sleep.
And then, suddenly, like magic, that desired call. The call people take for granted all year. Maghrib! Breakfast! Eat! Attack! Dates! Coffee! Smoke! Water! Oh me, oh mine – oh what shall I do? This or that? Oh yummy! Man give me that! Oh baba! Oh mama! Oh looool! Joy. That moment of joy cannot be described. That moment of joy is what the whole fast is about. Being grateful.
I hope, as I do every year, that Ramadan brings much joy, progress and sense to all people. That prejudice, ego and greed lose their control over hearts. That all pain goes away.
Let us be better human beings, please.

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