When we drive to Makkah , the first thing that strikes our attention as we approach the holy city is the huge tower where a clock will be placed soon. The clock tower.
When we are in the city itself, we are surrounded by huge buildings, unbelievable traffic and way too many people. The crowds are huge! Anyone who can afford the Umrah tour operator charges, comes.
In all of this, the mosque itself is hidden. Everything else is huge. The business, the hotels, the environment in which one is totally ‘free’ and can get lost.
And, it is growing. Many buildings. Huge skyscrapers. Parking issues. Limited space. Pushing and shoving. Angry shouts and people in a hurry.
The largest tower in the world will be in Jeddah. Add to this countless other towers and constructions all over the kingdom.
Are we going to be living, breathing and Praying in a concrete, commercial and ruthless jungle now?
In all of this development, the sites and places we used to love as historical sites, are disappearing. In the next 20 years or less, most of what we used to know of our cities will be totally changed. Coming generations will never see certain places which reflected our simplicity and traditions once. Sad.
We have reached that level of materialism where we have forsaken heritage!
I wonder where this will take us…

5 thoughts on “Buildings

  1. You only have to look to Dubai to see how ultimately unattractive all this really is. I was there last weekend. Driving down Sheikh Zayed Road is like scurrying along the bottom of a tower canyon. Well done for making we humans feel as small and insignificant as we really are. And then you stop and think to yourself, “You know what? This place is just a lot of shops.”

    Give me the peace of the desert or the sea any day.

    • Amen! I miss the serenity and the feeling of being HOME. The quiet villages near the sea, the simplicity. There is enough land to build 2 level structures that stretch and make way for winds and breezes to caress us as they pass by, right?

  2. And another thing! As hot as Dubai is already (and surely there is nowhere in the Gulf as syrupy-hot as Dubai), all this glass and steel and concrete and asphalt retains the day’s heat and oozes it back out again at night. Have you tried walking round there at night? There’s heat being thrown out from every direction. And the one thing that’s missing – a cooling breeze.

  3. I too have same feeling and even i tell this to my friennds see what is happening with north indian in mumbai marathas are jealous about north people becuase they come to mumbai and earn everything the same feeling will go every where as long as we are human beings there is jealous unless we practice islam with and obhey as quran and sunnah then InshAllah such feeling will deprive forever.

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