Questions and AnsweR

I have many questions!

What will KSA do with the thousands of families that have been living here for over 30 years? And  how will these families , especially their kids who grew up here handle going back to their home country? And, if the visa laws are so strict and severe, how come there is a taxi driver in Jeddah ( a Pakistani) who has over 80 members in his family living here? They all have iqamas? What country should our children call home?

When will Pakistan finally be able to provide 24 hour electricity at reasonable rates to its citizens? It was created in 1947. Why is corruption in ALL “Islamic” countries considered ” a way of life” ?  Why do the leaders of Pakistan think of their POCKET first and their people never?

Why do these people keep quoting the Quran when they do everything against it? ( all Muslim Nations)

Why does an Arab feel superior to a Bengali ( Both Muslims) when the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad ( peace be upon him) has said it in his last sermon clearly that No Arab is superior to a Non- Arab and vice versa?

Why are there SO many sects now when the belief is common?

Why do people save for the future and not share it when they Know for a fact that they could die any moment?

Why do Arabs and Muslims have a severe complex about their identity, culture, traditions and simplicity? Why are they dying to be “western”? Why can’t they just enjoy being what they are and admire other cultures as the creation of God?

Why do people hate America when they can’t live without the products, cars, cellphones and all the inventions of America?

Why does every nation think that they are superior to another?

Why do women want to be like men?

Why do people make GIGANTIC homes and Hide in them?

What are we all so scared of?

Why do labor have to work during the day when it is 50 degrees? Why can’t they work in the evening and rest in the day?

What has the richest man in the world achieved ? Has he conquered it all?

Why do our Judges take AGES to reach a verdict?

How do we decide the fate of another human being?

Why must we have what someone else has?

Why must we spend thousands of dollars in a degree, thinking it will make us “established”?

Why do men always lie and never admit that they are polygamous?

I have many more questions.. but the answer is just one:

Because we, the human beings, are currently the lowest of the low in creation!

Think about it..


4 thoughts on “Questions and AnsweR

  1. I don’t mean your post is a distraction. That was my answer to your question, “Why?”

    I think the reasons why people do things that are not pleasing to Allah is because we either do not know our purpose in life or we lose perspective. Suddenly life is not about worshipping your Lord.. it’s about this, that, and the other.

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