Being Rich

I have had to write this post. I have been forced. I have been compelled. I have no other choice. Because , it seems people need to be reminded. It seems, I have to keep saying it. And, I have to say it differently each time. So , here goes:

You see, MONEY is a piece of paper that guarantees a certain amount of Gold ( usually the commodity used in finance) and promises the payee that the payer owns this gold and is giving it to him in exchange for a service or a product. When we study economics ( I always failed this course, I hated it, I still do.. it is boring, time-consuming and a pain in the ***! When I was in college, I went to my Economics Professor and told him I will keep failing this damn course unless he passes me, but that I do understand what he has been trying to say all semester. He gave me a C.. thank you Zorpas).. we study the concept of the “Invisible Hand”. This basically means that people like my professor, Zorpas, study economics all their lives, never get really rich and are always stressed out because they have not, and cannot, define how this “invisible hand” runs the finance of the world!… So the complexity of Economics drives them NUTS.

However, I have understood what it is. :D

It is based on ” What goes around, comes around”… except in finance : What goes around with good intention comes around ten times multiplied.

Going back to my opening sentence : I am forced to write this post…. let me tell you, people these days think that the guy next to them is really rich and they are really smart. That is NEVER the case. NO one on EARTH is REALLY RICH. Some people handle larger amounts than others and so they take a bigger CHUNK of it than others. And THAT, my dears, IS the point.  Why do they handle more cash? Listed below are the reasons:

1. They inherited it : Prince Charles, which you and me are NOT.

2. They are the BEST  cheaters and Thieves of this time  – they enjoy for a while then get DESTROYED and you read about it.


4. They spent on others correctly and thought of OTHERS before themselves and made lives of people.

I made point number 4 BOLD because this is deep.

You get rich by GIVING unconditionally WHILE taking care of ALL your responsibilities and violating NO one’s right over the money given to you by  GOD.

So, lets say you make SAR 10,000/ month. And, you want to increase your income. You can!

Here are the guidelines:

1. Never stop yourself from giving to a beggar even if he is wearing a Georgio Armani Suit. Why? You have no idea what and who he is. You are just following the law of the Universe. It is YOUR intention that matters, not his problem or game. And, You give what you easily can.. so there must be balance. It does not matter that you gave just ten riyals, as long as you understood this concept and had the good intention of giving. NEVER JUDGE OR ASSUME. Know this: YOU can never KNOW what is in someone’s heart, but you can put right what is wrong in yours.

2. DO not LIE. No matter what happens. DO Not lie about money. You can REFUSE to tell anyone what you make or have, but do not lie. Don’t say ” I have nothing” when you have even a riyal.  Pay back ALL your loans, and be trustworthy with others’ money. They should feel that they can leave all they have with you and get it as IS when they come to take it. Be TRUSTWORTHY.

3. People will tell you that investing in Gold, Silver and other commodities is good. It is. Investing in Humans is better. Think about it, Gold does not eat or sleep or die. Humans do. Your money starts multiplying the minute you start CARING.

4. Do not send money to far away lands and forget about it. Help the people where you ARE. The Municipality worker, the waiter, the poor neighbor, the poor guard.. etc. Give, and forget. Rest assured, it comes back.

5. Never rely on people to give you anything. Never expect from them. Expect from someone who CAN give. God.

6. Lose all assumptions of being smart and knowing it all. You do not.

7. ALWAYS do what you love to do for work. Your provisions are from your creator, so do not get into the debate of expenses. Think INCOME and think ” WHAT DO I LOVE TO DO?” – if you sit there and cry about world economy and expenses and inflation and sick damn words like these.. you get NOWHERE.

8. BE GRACIOUS. The only way you can be this is if you do all of the above. You have to redo your mind-set. Understand and love people. STOP fearing them.

9. ALWAYS be grateful for what you have. ALWAYS. Never feel you deserve what you have. You have been GIVEN what you have. You will die one day. You don’t even own your body.

And, remember this: The SOURCE of your income is not your smart brain, job, business or anything you can imagine. The Source is ALWAYS your Creator who causes and creates reasons for certain amounts to come into your possession. REMEMBER this. Just make sure, no human claims that he is your provider ( Point No.5)

Of course, I have many more points. But, just doing the above should remove your financial worries for good. Yes, it is possible. Don’t get all logical and analytical with me.. because then you will end up like my psycho economics professor!!

2 thoughts on “Being Rich

  1. or my psycho economics husband! His degree is in Econ and he has never used it. However, your points are words he lives by.

    Great post. Barakallahu feek wa jazakallahu khayr

  2. Lol.. No I am sure he is not the person I am describing here.. I am sure he is way above that!

    An economics degree for a person who does not know how the “invisble hand” works, is a BURDEN which drives them to insanity.. but for the one who does.. it is good information.
    Allah barik feekum.. Mashallah.

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