The Hunters of Riyadh

Every evening.. a few guys get in a car and go around the city hunting for girls to chase, send bluetooth messages to and basically enjoy the thrill of this great daily hunt. Recently, and article was written on the famous site  about the perverts on the streets and malls harassing women even if only with their dirty looks. Why this happens and what are its reasons is all there on that site.  I have a different incident to share with you. It is related directly to this story. And this happened today. A bit earlier. In the evening when I was out to get some stuff.

I have a black car. The windows in the back used to be tinted, but not anymore. Reason? I would be driving alone somewhere and cars would pass by, slow down and people would try to stare in the back window, thinking there maybe girls sitting there. Several times I had to just open the window and indirectly say..LOOK YOU MANIAC, NO ONE HERE !

Anyway, today I was at a traffic light. And the car next to me, a van.. a Toyota Previa had tinted windows. It is understood that this could be a family out shopping with the driver on the wheel. So, there we were.. side by side on a traffic signal the traffic light on my left and the van on my right. The traffic signal on my right.. I mean the road coming from my right side.. turned green and cars started to pass in front of me.. I mean us.. me and the Previa..

There came a fast Lumina.. speeding from God knows where.. full of guys. As they crossed their signal , they all looked at the car next to me.. which they could see on THEIR left.. so, they saw through the windshield of the Previa , which possibly gave them a clear sight of  whose in the back seat of the Van – I would assume women..loool. They all looked and the driver kept looking and kept driving… a bit slower.. and the hunters in them woke… AND.. they banged on the corner of the footpath on my left, where our Traffic Signal was.. a BANG!>> their car jumped on the footpath.. a piece of concrete fell .. their car jumped up and then hit the road.. and the driver looked SILLY and just drove on with something dangling from the front bumper!

How desperate can you get?? But then, this is Riyadh!

2 thoughts on “The Hunters of Riyadh

  1. LOOOOOOOOOL :) this is funny, somehow someway they do not know that even if they had a chance, no way those antics would get them anywhere… but I am no expert on these matters :)

  2. This is the only challenge they are left with in life.. they face all others as soon as they marry and then they freak out.. all the HOT DUDE nonsense ends.. lol.. big issue though it seems the usual…

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