Diabetes – a Cure

I was surprised some time back when a friend of mine told me that there is a shop here that gives you a combination of herbs and spices, their mixing technique and application and that cures diabetes. One of his relatives was suffering from it and he wanted to buy this mix. I accompanied him to this shop. It is located in the Kuwaiti Souk. Within the Taiba market I think. If you were to ask anyone about the Herbs shops, they would guide you there.
Thank God, I do not suffer from anything. But, I do know people who are diabetic. And, from what I have heard from them, there is no cure to it – just precaution.
So, I went with him to this shop. In fact, it is not one shop – there are many shops selling herbs in the same lane. I though , he would have to figure out quantities and get it right. But, all he did was that he asked the shop person to give him the mixture for Diabetes. In 5 minutes, the man had the mixture ready and in a bag and he explained how it should be applied.
Days passed and I forgot about it. Then , one day , someone mentioned that they are diabetic so I thought of that shop. I called my friend and asked about the relative who was suffering from this and if the mix actually worked. It did! That person was no longer diabetic!
So , I am posting this here. In case you need to get this mix, please go to the Kuwaiti Souk and ask for the herbs shops. I am calling the whole area Kuwaiti Souk, maybe it is in Tayba Market there.
Kuwait Souk is north of Kingdom Mall. This means you keep going North with Kingdom Center on your Right. You pass Sheraton ( your right again) and go up the bridge and then go into the service road on the right. You will see a whole market place. This is the Kuwaiti Souk.
May you be cured, whoever you are.

2 thoughts on “Diabetes – a Cure

  1. Assalaualikum brother.

    My father has been suffering from diabetes from a long time and I would be eager to try this cure on my father. I am living in Qatar and would you be willing to send an amount of this mixture? I will pay you first, whatever you demand.

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