Vacation Time

Of course the Real vacation starts in Ramadan! No one pressures anyone for anything and everyone is calm. During the evening of course. You do not want to mess with anyone during the day! But that will be a different post..
Vacations. That’s what vacation means really. No one pressures anyone for anything. Imagine. That would really spell out vacation for me.
I say this because I want those people that are thinking of business during vacations to not think about business during this time. Because, vacation means- forget it all! Spend time in leisure. This means, not doing the usual stuff that puts you under stress. Vacation is for one guy only. The guy who works all year to keep his family comfortable. The family just gets time away from monotony and routine. They get a change of scenery. This guy needs to sleep, do absolutely nothing, watch TV and basically do everything he has missed. Above all this, he needs to NOT worry about money! Because that’s what he does all year. He worries about money, he chases money, he spends money, he borrows and lends money and he works hard for money. So, if on a vacation, he is worrying about money, he is not having a vacation- everyone else IS.
Families, let daddy rest, he needs it! Badly!

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