Each day brings a new revelation. A new insight and a new fact. It could be amazingly enlightening or amazingly DISGUSTING. What I am about to tell you is absolutely disgusting.

We help a lot of people in our lives. We give and we give without thinking sometimes. I personally feel it is not right to think too much when giving if what is requested can be easily given. It is my belief that whatever you give with good intention definitely comes back multiplied. Whether you give it to a person who turns out to be a liar or someone who truly deserved it. Their intention is their business and they will be accountable for it, not you. IF you gave, you get rewarded.

It also happens, that the Unseen sometimes reveals to you the truth about someone without you asking for it. That, I believe, is part of the rewarding.

I have been helping out this gentleman in Riyadh for some time now. No big money, but little amounts here and there. If you , of course, add it up – it comes to a good amount. Now, I have seen this person beg, cry and basically rub his nose on the ground for amounts like 500 or 300. He is a Saudi, and sadly he lost all his jobs and works at some point in time. It was nice to help him out and receive prayers and very obvious blessings. But today, something really weird happened. I found out that he has a lot of money. All saved up and stashed away in an account! He is not broke. Nor is he that badly in need. Yet, he begs and begs and we feel sorry and sad for him. Now, I did not ask for this information. It came in front of me.. ON PAPER! without me asking for it. It was sudden, and it made me sick. At the age of 60, with enough money to last another 20 years, this man is begging and he is making his children beg!! I am so disgusted that I could mention his full name and number here, but I will not do that. He is from a good family and has been working all his life. What happened to him?

Here is what happened to him. .. And I can relate his condition to another gentleman who wore sponge slippers and lived in a dump all his life with a million plus saved up. To be used later. He lived on small loans if his monthly budget got exhausted!

These people SAVE money. And they have set targets. If a penny is less in their treasure, they will refill it in any way they can. What this does is this: They never enjoy what they have. They live like beggars all their lives, saving money for GOD knows what day.. and they die. Leaving this money to someone who will spend it day and night. This is not being rich. This is being STUPID. You will only live so long and you will only spend that much, what about the rest?

After a few moments of silence and reflection, I realized that this man was suffering from this condition. And LO and BEHOLD! I got a call from him begging for some money. Reason? It is a matter of life and death. I ,very coldly, had only one thing to say: If you die, May God Bless your soul. I will see you in the next life. He was silent, got the hint, and he probably saw his treasure being threatened. He hung up and I KNOW he will never call again. I am sure. He will find someone else to beg from….


4 thoughts on “Miser

  1. You live and learn and it goes to shows even beggers can be rich and you can even learn from a rich begger.

  2. Honestly speaking though. I did not write about the sufferings of this man recently.. when a person does something like this, they bring the wrath of God on themselves. It is cause and effect.

  3. Many so called charity organisations are like this, they raise money and spend the majority of it funding there own luxery lifestyles. Your intention was good his was something else…

  4. True. What is sad that people who deserve it may not get the help and the pretenders do.. Allah knows best… Maybe he allows this to punish them later and compensates the deserving in better ways..

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