Prince Al Walid Bin Talal

I was at Kingdom Center, Four Seasons Hotel one day, a few years ago. I was at the restaurant and I was alone. There were not too many people there. In fact, there were hardly any people there. It was a quiet day. I had my lunch and was having coffee when a man walked in – alone. He looked A LOT like Prince Walid bin Talal. And that is what made me look at him for a while, then look away and then look again. He sat alone on a table about 15 meters away from me. He noticed that I was looking, so he smiled and said hello with a wave and I responded too. Then I got a phone call and got busy with calls and thoughts. He had lunch and left. I called the supervisor and asked him if that was Prince Walid, he smiled , nodded and went away. Well, I am sure it was him. It must have been him.

What do I like about this gentleman? Many people have billions. There are many royals and I have met many. What made me like him was an interview of his I saw on some channel and a single sentence he said in response to the reporter asking how he feels about his wealth. He said: These are ALL blessings, that’s it. Many people, not even close to where he is, have tales of their accomplishments, and this man had nothing but this to say. Simplicity and Honesty AND realization of the truth. Whatever we have of good is a blessing.

The other thing that made me like him is the simple down to earth attitude and indifference to political debates. He does not really care, and if he does.. he does not want to talk about it. He sticks to his plan, his business. This is called FOCUS.

So , when you have a man who is focused on their work, and he loves it. When a man has in him the understanding that all of what he has are blessings of God – you have a good man who is doing a lot of good for a lot of people.

May God Bless you Prince Walid. You are a good man. And, I do wish we can meet some time and just chat about business or even nothing at all:)

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