I was searching for videos online and just for fun I typed “JINN”. Jinn are creatures made of fire or smoke and as per Quranic teachings, exist as much as we do. In fact, the Sharia of Islam , as per the Quran, is sent for both humans and jinns.

So , I was browsing videos and I found this. This video is taken by a security camera of a company in Rahat, Palestine. I have no idea how real this is. If what is shown in it is human, animal or Jinn. Whatever it is, it looks extremely different from anything we have seen.

See for yourself.

12 thoughts on “Jinn

  1. If indeeed these are your words ”So , I was browsing videos and I found this”. then yes you did say you found it but oh its ok your welcome to take the credit.

  2. ”By the way, I will be deleting this entry shortly because some readers have been offended by it!”

    Offended? or dont really know what to respond to it

  3. Well.. lol.. it is a little out of the ordinary here.. to see this creature walk the way it does. Also, “JINN” is a no no subject .. I just thought it was a cool video.. will put up something else a bit later..
    Thanks for commenting , VERY kind of you.

  4. ”Well.. lol.. it is a little out of the ordinary here.. to see this creature walk the way it does.”

    putting up the video reflects at least you have a sense of humour…I mean what is one supposed to make of that..lol

  5. You dont have to leave it up on my account… Im sure your readers have a sense of humour..surely.. part of the trials and tribulations life

    • Yes.. it is.. we must know that there are creatures that look a but like us and they have to crawl outside in the night to take a look around. It should Humble us.:D

  6. yeah its a fascinatingly interesting creature that can give so much insight into the creatures of the night

  7. Heres a another video on youtube with strange goings on. Is a bird? Is it a plane? No, Its a praying carpet.

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