Fatwas and Religion

Many of us have decided to base our religion completely on latest fatwas by various Shaikhs around the world. That is fine as long as those Shaikhs are proven to be reliable.
But, I have noticed one thing about the very “religious”. They never keep appointments, find many ways to make someone feel like a definite “going to hell” case!
They, more than others, are very cautious about spending freely on people or taking risks. This shows a major decline in faith. They very easily judge a person and define them as anything in a few minutes. They make their own life and others’ lives very difficult with their constant follow ups with fatwas. One will notice great confusion in their minds, anger and fear of dealing with people properly. Their talk is usually about ” right and wrong” only. They become repulsive to many and people start avoiding them openly.
In their dedication to becoming ” perfect” by following just fatwas, they lose the purity of their religion and hearts. And. Above all this, they do finally lose their religion and their peace because had they just followed their religion the way they should, fatwas would not be the guiding light for them.

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