Never Ending Arguments

This male female segregation debates and talks. Assumptions and suspicions. The constant crying about “why are men like this?” by women. And, the constant manifestation of lust covered with concern and “friendship” by men. This whole issue of women driving. This defining and redefining of roles. The constant debate.
All this is beginning to bother me now! Very honestly , I am sick of it.
Here is the bottom line: you need a criterion to judge and define roles. Every human now has their own criterion, thus the debates. If it was just muslims, then the criterion is Quran. If muslim men and women cannot behave according to it, they have lost their religion and criterion and so each one can do as they see fit. If it is people with no religion and criterion, then they WILL do what they do, no matter what anyone says. Why the painful never-ending debate?
What you do now is what you will get later!

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