Classy Beggar

There are beggars on the street, and there are beggars amongst people we know. It is nice to give to people if you have been blessed. But, each and every human has their limits of giving. The beggars on the street don’t really ask for much but the usual change. The beggars amongst friends , however, NEVER stop asking. The more you give them, the more they want. And , they are full of praise and prayers for you. They show admiration in the most amazing ways. But, they keep begging from you. This excuse or the other. That loss or the other. This family member got sick and that happened. In the beginning, you do it out of courtesy. Then you realize that they are broke , so you do it for God. You feel guilty that you are blessed and they need help. Something in your mind does tell you to say no, but you stop. What do I lose? I am giving it for God, I will get much more. And you do. God does bless people who help people. He gives them in abundance.

But then one day, that same Beggar Amongst Friends – the classy beggar – calls for more money, and you SNAP!.. Your head goes on fire. You have had enough of them. No matter how much you convince yourself that this is a test from God, that voice inside you says .. NO. Listen to it. Thats the voice of your soul telling you that they have taken enough from you. You are then faced with the question of whether to be rude to them, ignore them, or politely refuse. That depends entirely on your understanding of their persistence. Bottom line, delete them from your phonebook. It is time. And you know what? They are not really broke. They just spend more than they can afford. Ignore but never be rude. You still don’t know their reality. You cannot. Whatever you have done to help anyone WILL and DOES come back to you. But, for those your heart no longer want to give, IGNORE.

When they do get a hold of you somehow, and if they do start to complain politely , tell them – you want to know me as a friend, never ask me for money again. If they cannot learn , you will have to teach them.

My personal advise: Ignore them TOTALLY.

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