Over Religious

Religion exists in this world to cause a balance in the mind and in society. Actually no, BELIEF.. or the CORRECT BELIEF is what causes internal balance and the CORRECT RELIGION causes a peaceful society given that everyone follows it and it’s doctrine is not twisted or misinterpreted.

One would expect a very religious person to be the nicest person. But, in this day and age people run away from the very religious people. They are rude, judgmental, self-righteous and very critical of everyone. How does that make them good? Or even religious. They are religious in APPEARANCE. They look religious. They pray a lot. They say a lot of religious things. They quote the Holy Book and sayings of the Prophet ( PBUH). BUT, in dealing – they are just…. frankly, a PAIN.

If I did not know my religion, I would be repelled by it because of the way it is portrayed. But, since I was lucky enough to get many years away from my society and country, in a place where Orthodox Christianity is practiced, I was able to do my own reading and praying and learn. I have the most beautiful, fair.. and NATURAL religion. Then, why are our over religious people, male and female, so RUDE?

Just one answer to that: Burdened with the Illusion of being TOO righteous and not ONE of the human beings on Earth.

We must realize, all wisdom and praise belongs to God, not to us. No matter what good we do, we cannot be sure 100% that we have it made. Success is from compassion of God, not our good work. This should not make one stop the good work. It is a realization that is supposed to HUMBLE us. When we realize how limited we are and how compassionate is God, we strive to be better people. Better means dealing with others in a better way.

Here is a small story about Caliph Ali Ibn Abi Talib, the fourth Caliph of Islam and the cousin/ son-in-law of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH. A man I am very proud to be  a direct decendent of, his 40th generation from his son AL Hussain.

In a battle, he had one enemy soldier cornered and ready to be executed when this person spat of the Caliph. Ali let the man go free. He withdrew his sword. So, when he was asked why he did so, he told them that up until the moment before he spat, the caliph was engaged in a battle for a cause. For God. When the man spat, his ego surfaced and the attack would have been because of his anger then , so he withdrew. That man embraced this religion of wisdom and goodness.

That was a battle. Imagine his conduct with people on a daily basis. Imagine the dealing of the Prophet PBUH himself. Are these over religious, self-righteous people ANYWHERE even close to them? NO. Gosh , I mean the waiter at a hotel is more courteous to people then them. He is so because of the benefit, his job and salary. They cannot be nice and polite for the  benefit of blessings from Allah??

A single verse from the Quran should make them THINK: “La ikraha fid deen”  – There is no compulsion in religion.

Please realize your limitations and responsibility as a human being before you start to develop illusions about your piety.

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