Get a LOAN Dummy!

” With school vacation closely around, large numbers of citizens and expatriates are approaching banks and car showrooms for loans to finance their trips abroad.

They feel happy when they get the loans but their suffering starts when they come back and discover that their salaries are being cut monthly to pay installments and that will continue for three to four years.”  Todays ARAB  NEWS

If you follow the link above, you will see the whole report. An excellent report. A MUCH needed report. This report is about our society of Saudis and Expatriates in KSA. The fools that we are. This report talks about how people have taken loans to go on vacation during the summer. How one of them even went to jail because he could not pay the loan back!


Why are we in this damn stupid rat race? Why have our men become so weak and dumb? Man, You can’t afford it – DON”T DO IT! It is that simple. You make the rules of the house – don’t let little kids make you lose your judgment!

It is becoming a very common thing. Loans for a house, loans for a car, loans for even a vacation. WHY? Why live on loans? Why do you NEED to leave for vacations. Imagine, if everyone stayed here – this place would convert into a vacation place! Instead of throwing so much money outside, make something good here.

Instead of buying a car on LEASE, just buy what you can afford!

Instead of building a HUGE  MANSION, buy a house enough for you and your family!

But you see, we will not do that! We have to “compete” and “show off”. We also must have what —> he has. Everyone drives a lexus, everyone has a 48 inch TV and everyone needs a HUGE SUV! Why? It would be great if you bought it on cash you could spend. That’s rich. But , to ACT rich when you are NOT rich by getting huge loans.. is STUPID!! BOOO!

Why is respect and honor based on affordability and things we have and places we visit, rather than the knowledge and wisdom we can possess. What about simplicity? Where has that gone now? We must realize: everyone cannot be cool. Everyone cannot have everything. But, leasing companies and banks show this dream to everyone: you can have it all. What they don’t say is: I want to have all what you have, and I want you to pay me till you die. They are running a business. They are not saints sitting there handing out money for your stupid “SUMMER” vacation! There is a CATCH TO IT. GET IT? EH? DUH?

And, what is vacation? Let us define vacation.

It is time off from work. What do you do in your time off? What do you do when you go to France , for example? Here is what you do: you spend on a hotel room, you spend on restaurants and you walk all over the city , having to buy expensive bloody water and you see a lot of people just walking around taking pictures. You get a loan of 50,000 to do this. LOOL!

There is no such thing in life. There is no vacation buddy!.. Life is about growth. Life is about understanding your own mind. Life is about learning. Life is about being wise and making the right choices. ( go see my other blog

Taking time off.. Phew. Go to other locations in KSA. Don’t spend 50,000. Spend 10,000. What is wrong with that?

I know this for a fact: When people talk to each other , they feel great pride in having traveled abroad and come back. LOOOL!!!!> DUH AND DOUBLE DUH!.. It is considered a “cool” thing to have gone to LePutDePutIo or some such place and come back with a bag full of new things and a huge bill. It shows “success”. Primitive mentality! These same people then sit there and pull their hair out looking at the bills.

Imagine.. if no one took loans. The result would be a society with VARIETY. Different tastes. More vacation options. More simplicity and more freedom too ( yes, stick around long enough – things change for you)..The result my friends would be: a place where other people would love to come for vacations!

How about spending all vacations at home. All neighbors , free. All friends spending long hours chatting. All kids playing. All loved ones in one place. So much to talk about, so much to do – right here where you are.

Muslims.. by losing your simplicity and peaceful minds , affected by the “rat race”,  you have lost your purpose in life and so you have lost wisdom and PEACE!  Not much Islam going on here, is there?

One thought on “Get a LOAN Dummy!

  1. Just to set the record straight – all the wonderful things I wrote about people who get loans was not about people who get loans for a good purpose such as education, marriage, healthcare or something vital to life. Going to France is not vital to life. Getting a Bentley, is not vital .

    Sorry buddies.. was talking about the “SPECIAL RETARDED GROUP” here.:D

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