I was parked on Talateen, Sumlaimaniyya today. Had gone there with a friend , in his car. My friend went to get some stuff from a shop and I was waiting. The car was parked in front of a South Indian food place. I sat there looking at the menu of the restaurant in front of me and I could notice on my right side , at a distance, a guy wearing a Thoub and Ta3Giyya ( the white cap) running towards my direction. As he came close, I turned to look. Suddenly, he started walking like he broke his leg or something. His expression changed and he came to my window and begged for money.

I looked at his face. Young guy. Energetic ( came running). Begging. ”  I don’t have change”. .. I said, as I looked around for riyals.. He left. One of the south Indian workers of the restaurant was standing outside, smiling. So I opened the window and asked, ” did he just come running?” .. he laughed. He told me, this guy begs from every shop, every person .. anyone on this road.. everyday. He said, they even offered him to work, but he refused. Another man came, a Bangladeshi and he added that this beggar was part of a huge group that was dropped off in this area everyday and picked up late at night. This was a business going on!

No one seems to want to do anything about this. This is a growing industry now, beggars. It seems that some smart businessman has recruited a whole bunch of people from Yemen and left them lose on the streets to raise funds for him! And, he is doing  just GREAT!..

Is this not criminal activity?  Will  someone do something about this??

I was going to take this boy’s pictures and post them here, but I did not. He may have a future.. a life one day. And, I would not want this to haunt him later when he does change for the better.

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