Anti-Saudi efforts

We all complain about issues or processes in our environments. I, for one, do talk of issues we have in Saudi Arabia a lot but the criticism ends with a possible solution. I do this because I love Saudi. Not only are my roots here, I have been raised here.
Now, I see a whole lot of people taking our discussions and extracting the negative and actually consciously propagating it! That is not criticism sir! That is deliberately trying to malign a sovereign state, a monarchy! It is also unfair and it offends us!

We discuss faults that affect us and we look for solutions, what gives a bunch of wannabe’s sitting thousands of miles away judge saudi arabia? And, to add to their stupidity, demand changes as per their countries or thoughts!
I will not let it go easy! I WILL engage them and prove to them that Saudi is as good as or better than where ever they are!

Visit A lot of positive criticism and solutions.

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