Dumb Loser!

I am really totally sick and tired of bloody losers!

Here is what a loser is:

1. He blames EVERYONE for his losses when his losses are his own stupid decisions.

2. He has NOTHING happening in his life because he has no vision except eat,sleep, sh*& and eat some more.

3. He ALWAYS asks people for things, especially money – he pesters them until they throw pennies on him and that’s his bread and butter.

4.He avoids every opportunity to work and he never SEEKS work Humbly or has ANY ideas and  he cannot put in an effort.

5. In his DAMN mind, he has DONE a lot and he should be rewarded now!

6. He considers his RIGHT to ask for what he has no RIGHT over!

There is one such jerk who I HAD to fix today. I am sorry I had to , but I was left with no choice. Since he is older and supposedly wiser, I had to do it very diplomatically. DUMB NUT!

The Sad part is, our countries ARE FULL OF THESE LOSERS! I urge all of you to FIX these people and not give in to their crying and sob stories!

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